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13 Amp vs 32 Amp Hot Tub: What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking to buy a new hot tub for your home, you will likely have noticed a few differences between the bigger models on the market. Looking beyond the basic features of a hot tub, you’ll find that they are split into two distinct power varieties – 13 amp and 32 amp. But when it comes to 13 amp vs 32 amp hot tub models – what difference does it really make?

Before you buy a 13 amp hot tub or 32 amp hot tub, it’s important to know which model is likely to suit your home setup. In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at the facts to help you make the right decision!

What is a 13 amp hot tub?

Ever heard of a plug and play hot tub? By plug and play, we mean hot tubs that you can simply plug straight into a standard UK socket. 13 amp plug and play hot tubs arrive with that simple 3-pin adaptor you will likely already see throughout your home.

Many people choose a 13 amp hot tub for the simple fact that they are the easiest to install and get started with. They are generally seen as the next step up from standard inflatable hot tubs, and while there is a little installation required, you won’t need to do much on the electrical side of things.

13 amp tubs generally have a single jet pump, and you’ll need to run the jets and heater separately. They are also more affordable to run than 32 amp models, month to month.

Luxury hot tubs from Roman Spas in the 13 amp plug and play standard include our 6-person Venus Hot Tub, and our super-stylish Jupiter Hot Tub. There’s an abundance of choice if you’d just like to plug and go!

What is a 32 amp hot tub?

A 32 amp hot tub, as you might expect, demands over double the power the 13 amp standard uses. With 32 amp tubs, you’ll need a specific power supply, and to install a length of cable to the hot tub itself. Don’t worry, as the team at Roman Spas are always on hand to help.

Not only that, but 32 amp hot tubs come with a few added benefits over 13 amp models. You’ll benefit from two jet pumps, and what’s more, you can run the heater and jet functionality in your hot tub at the same time. That’s because these models will receive more power than your 13 amp equivalent.

Of course, you will need to keep in mind that running costs for 32 amp hot tubs are going to be more expensive than the 13 amp equivalent.

The fantastic Roman Spas hot tub range fitted with 32 amp include our spectacular Atlantis spa, with 66 massage jets and room for up to five people. Our popular Zeus Hot Tub too arrives with 32 amp wiring, has space for six people, 61 massage jets and extra insulation.

Which type of hot tub is right for me?

There are benefits to buying either power grade of hot tub. In the battle between 13 amp vs 32 amp hot tub varieties, it all comes down to your own needs, wants, home setup, and budget.

13 amp plug and play hot tubs are great if you’d like to save on money and want to plug in ready to go. 32 amp hot tubs, meanwhile, use over double the power, meaning you can run more features at once. They just need a little more installation support and may cost a little more to run.

Roman Spas can help

As experts in hot tubs and installations, Roman Spas are pleased to be on hand to support you in your search for the perfect spa. We offer best-in-class delivery and setup expertise, meaning you really won’t have to worry about configuring the complexities of 32 amp power yourself.

Of course, we’re also on hand to help you before you purchase your perfect tub. You can either get in touch with our team online or via phone if you need guidance. However, you should also take the time to look at your hot tub options up close – why not come along to our showroom in Chesterfield?

You can book a tour with us to get full insight into the wide range of luxury 13 amp and 32 amp spa models we have available for you to enjoy right now. If you’re really not sure if a 13 amp or 32 amp hot tub will work best for you, let us help you find the right fit at your leisure.



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