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Hot Tub Garden Ideas – Creating the Perfect Garden Set Up for Your Hot Tub

If you’re thinking about adding a hot tub to your property, then you may be wondering how to get your garden looking great. For many people, a fantastic new hot tub is the perfect excuse to design their own truly stunning garden sanctuary. For anyone purchasing a hot tub or swim spa, why not take a look at a few hot tub garden ideas?

In this guide to hot tub landscaping, we have some great ideas to bring your own garden oasis to life.

Make the hot tub your focus

When you first purchase a hot tub, it’s likely that you are going to want to make a big show of it. And why not? The heart of your hot tub garden design should be your hot tub!

We recommend you plan to allow plenty of space. Hot tubs are bigger than many people realise – get in touch with Roman Spas to find out the dimensions of your favourite hot tub. A great idea is to rethink your outdoor space as a retreat. Consider reframing the focus of your garden around your hot tub if you have a smaller space. If you are installing a hot tub in the corner of your garden, create clear pathways leading to your spa, perhaps a winding pathway meandering to the steps of your hot tub.

Making your hot tub the garden focus might not be for everyone. However, when you invest in a hot tub, be prepared for the space it will take up – and plan your garden around it! Make it your own little slice of Eden.

Use plants for privacy

When looking into hot tub garden ideas for the first time, you will likely notice that there is a lot of emphasis on plants, shrubs, and greenery. The idea is to create a sense of seclusion while soaking your muscles in the hot tub, you can use strategic planting as a privacy screen.

To avoid anyone overlooking your hot tub, and for greater peace of mind, you can screen your hot tub, surrounding it with large-leafed plants. Small trees are ideal to screen the top windows of a neighbour’s house. Many small tree species will add a richness to the texture of your planting plan with their leaves and bark. Not only will this help create an oasis atmosphere, but it will also ensure that you get a bit of private time in the jets.

Deciding on your hot tub garden design will help steer you in the direction of which plants you want to include. If you would like year-round privacy and colour, evergreen shrubs are available for every soil type and moisture level. Garden fencing can offer plants protection from the worst of the UK climate, so you could opt for some of the hardier exotic species like Fatsia japonica, which looks like it has come straight out of a luscious jungle.

Create a social area

For many people, hot tubbing is a social affair. Therefore, there’s no reason why you can’t set up your new oasis as something of an entertaining suite for you and your friends to relax in.

Rattan chairs and tables around your tub, for example, are the perfect addition for people to join in the fun, even if they forgot their swimsuit. You may be interested in adding accessories such as hot tub steps or a hot tub hand rail to make your hot tub easily accessible.

Use garden accessories to your advantage

While you’ll want to design your hot tub landscaping to compliment the natural features of your garden, you could also look into using garden accessories. Planters, seating, and fire pits or a chiminea, are moveable so provide flexibility in your design. Be sure to invest in garden accessories you can safely move into place to make your hot tub zone more practical in the long run.

Choose hard landscaping options

To really create a garden oasis, perhaps a design which transports you to another part of the world or takes you back to a favourite holiday destination, think carefully about hard landscaping. You may wish to choose natural stone or slate to create an easy-to-maintain patio around your hot tub. Why not build a rockery, with low-maintenance planting and a water feature for wildlife?

Hot tub landscaping can be a lot of fun. However, if you are not able to engage in gardening activities, make sure to reach out to a local expert for support.

We can help – why not book a tour?

Roman Spas is always on hand to help you find that perfect-fit hot tub to integrate with your chosen garden design. Our fabulous range of Hot tubs and Swim spas are available online for you to look through at your leisure. Alternatively, why not take a closer look for yourself at our hot tub showroom Chesterfield? Book an appointment today.

A hot tub could transform how you use your garden space. Why not make it the heart of a complete garden transformation? We hope some of these hot tub garden ideas have inspired you!



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