Hot Tub Installation Requirements – What to Need to Know

Are you looking forward to setting up your very own hot tub or swim spa at home? We can’t blame you! A hot tub is something you’ll be rushing home for, to sink in and relax after a long, hard day. Before you bubble up, you’re going to need to know a thing or two about hot tub installation requirements.

Roman Spas are here to make sure you have expert guidance on hand, should you need any advice on hot tub or swim spa care and maintenance. In this guide, we’ll look at the simple hot tub base preparations you’ll need to know before your new hot tub arrives.

Building a Hot Tub Base

Building a base for your hot tub might seem tricky, but providing you have the right materials, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to create a fantastic foundation and support for your new hot tub, in a matter of hours. But what base do you need for a hot tub?

A solid base and foundation for your hot tub is crucial. Hot tubs and spas weigh more than you might expect – though the weight distribution across the length and breadth of a tub can make it seem lighter than the overall bulk suggests. What’s important here is that you set up a base and foundation that’s going to keep your unit level, not just firm and secure.

Not having a level base for your hot tub means it’s at risk of damage and avoids the risk breakage while people are using it. A safety risk which can be avoided with good preparation.

One of the best hot tub base options is concrete – it’s sturdy, self-levelling, and it’ll easily support your new hot tub. Concrete makes for an ideal base – as does “all-in” aggregate. It’s entirely possible to mix your own concrete mix from cement and aggregate from a local builders’ merchants. Roman Spas recommend hiring a local building firm or construction expert to install your hot tub or swim spa base.

You can use gravel as a base, as it’s easy to set up, but will require a level surface before laying. In either case, we recommend you include a wooden structure – timber frame will add extra stability as part of your hot tub installation requirements. Ideally, a hot tub base foundation should exceed the base of the hot tub itself, to provide a solid, secure base. You can also buy pre-made bases if you do not have the means to build one yourself.

There may not be any need for a new base or any kind of hot tub ground preparation – you can set a hot tub up on an existing patio in many cases, providing it is level and can provide a solid foundation. The most important element of a hot tub foundation is to make sure you avoid installing your tub on a soft surface which may subside or sink, such as grass.

Make Room for Your Hot Tub

One of the most crucial things to prepare before your new hot tub is delivered, is to make sure that you have room for it! Hot tubs are pre-built, which means that when one arrives at your property, you need to ensure you have your space and base already good to go. Hot tub installation requirements include making sure you have ample elbow room. That’s why making sure you measure up for the right hot tub dimensions is key before you go ahead and buy. Our hot tub support team will provide full dimensions for when you measure up your allocated hot tub spot in the garden.

Most hot tubs are installed on a patio area in the garden. Considering this, you must make sure that you have clear access to an electrical socket, otherwise your hot tub is not going to work in practice.

For hot tub power requirements, you will need an RCD protected 13-amp socket. RCD or residual-current device is a standard electrical safety device to protect against the potential damage of a power surge. However, the bigger the hot tub, the more power you’ll need. You may need to set up a 32-amp socket. Of all the hot tub installation requirements you need to tick off – the power supply is one of the most crucial, but don’t worry if you’re unsure, the team at Roman Spas will always be happy to advise.

Roman Spas Are Here to Help

Preparing your site is essential before you set up your hot tub, but there’s no need for concern. We have a full guide on how to prepare your garden or patio before installation, including sizing and electrical considerations.

Roman Spas are pleased to offer a full hot tub delivery and installation service, meaning you can rely on our team to install your hot tub. Two professional members of our team will be on hand to unpack, prepare and plug in your swim spa or hot tub, and provide advise on hot tub care and maintenance.  

Roman Spas offer an end-to-end service when it comes to the sale and setup of our fantastic value home hot tubs. Our comprehensive range of hot tubs are available to shop online through or website or come along and visit our showroom for a closer peek at what’s on offer!

With Roman Spas, you’ll also benefit from hot tub warranty protection – get in touch with the team to find out about added protection.



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