Hydrotherapy at Home – Just One of the Benefits of Installing a Swim Spa

Do you find yourself struggling to break free from the same old aches and pains? Maybe it’s time to look into massage, or even hydrotherapy at home. As the name suggests, hydrotherapy is massage and relaxation in water. One of the biggest benefits of a swim spa of your own is that you’ll always have access to rest and relaxation on demand!

A swim spa is more than just a hot, bubbly bathtub. It is a hydrotherapy unit designed to provide a multitude of health benefits. Here are just a few you can expect from your own spa system.

Hydrotherapy Improves Fitness Levels

One of the biggest benefits of a swim spa is that you’ll be able to get fitter using it regularly! Emulating swimming conditions on a small scale, water density can work to tone up your muscles. This means you have access to a pleasant and relaxing workout in a swim spa, from the comfort of your own home.

Hydrotherapy in turbulent or strong water will encourage your core muscles to work their hardest. This means that even after a few uses, you may find your sense of balance improves. Essentially, it’s a strengthening workout without any of the exhaustion.

Hydrotherapy Releases Stress

Hydrotherapy at home is a fantastic idea if you find you struggle with anxiety or stress on a daily basis. With many people working from home nowadays, it makes sense that more of us are looking for new, creative outlets to release and relieve stress.

Hydrotherapy through a swim spa can help to increase positive hormone release. For example, the heat of the water can help act as a natural sedative to relax, while any swimming you do in your spa can help to release serotonin, to feel happy. This, ultimately, is what helps to stabilise and improve your mood!

Therefore, it is not physical muscles alone that can benefit from hydrotherapy. Give a swim spa a try if you are struggling to find a balance for stress in your working day.

stress relief hydrotherapy at home

Swim Spas Can Provide Pain Relief

A swim spa with a wide array of water jets will help to target the pain points and muscle aches you may experience from day to day. The more hydrotherapy jets in your swim spa, the more muscles and pain points are targeted.

Crucially, this acts rather like a deep tissue massage for specific points on your body. This, coupled with rising temperature, can help to encourage gentle soothing of soft tissue. Swim spas are fantastic investments for people who exercise a lot, or for people who may struggle with regular joint pain.

Hydrotherapy is Fun!

The fact is, setting up hydrotherapy at home opens you up to a whole new activity that you and your family can enjoy. Bubbling up in your own home spa can be a lot of fun. There’s a reason why so many people invest in multi-person hot tubs.

While it’s perfectly reasonable to enjoy a spa on your own, you could buy a swim spa as a social investment. Everyone needs to relax and unwind, so why not do so together? Take a look at some of the larger models of swim spas we have available and find somewhere relaxing where you and your loved ones can head to after long and busy days.

family swim spa benefits

Considering Hydrotherapy?

If you are considering looking into the health benefits of swimming and hydromassage, then a swim spa could be a perfect investment for your home. However, if you do have underlying health concerns, or are unsure about the effects of spa therapy on your body long term, you should always consult your GP before purchase.

Roman Spas swim spas and hot tubs are designed to offer safe, relaxing comfort. Not only that, but our customers are thrilled with the results! Hydrotherapy has helped millions of people find relief from aches and pains as well as stress and anxiety.

Choosing That Perfect Swim Spa

Interested in setting up hydrotherapy at home? Take a look at the fantastic range of hot tubs and swim spas we have available for you to choose from.

A home swim spa could be just what you need to set up a relaxing atmosphere. What’s more, Roman Spas always makes sure to offer a wide selection of spa models, meaning one size never has to fit all.

If you’d like to know more about swim spa benefits and hydrotherapy, take a look through our online store! Otherwise, if you’d like to get in touch with the team.



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