Servicing helps keep your hot tub in optimum condition. To maintain a clean and happy running hot tub a professional Annual Service must be carried out every year otherwise this could result in component failure, pipework blockages from bodyfats and even skin health issues and your warranty being void.

Let us look after your Hot Tub with our Annual Service Package giving you the peace of mind and knowledge that a regular hot tub service by a skilled technician will get you the very best from the lifetime of the Hot Tub.

Easy and comprehensive maintenance plans

Checking over the hot tub for repair and support

Services checking the main hot tub components


We offer multiple maintenance plans that you can search though, and decide on the right one for you.

Hot Tub Inspection

Usually Required for Repair & Support or Full Cover Plans
£ 149 One Off
  • 1 hour to Inspect or Fault Find
  • Full Hot Tub Inspection
  • Components Check
  • Full Hot Tub Health Report
  • Advice on Chemical Treatment

Interim Service

This Service Refreshes & Checks The Main Hot Tub Components
£ 199 One Off
  • Full Internal Inspection
  • Components Check
  • Full System Flush
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Water Change

25mm Insulation Kit

Get our 25mm hot tub insulation kit professionally fitted by our engineers
£ 249 One Off
  • Save Money On Your Electricity Bill
  • 25mm Insulation Kit
  • Professional Fitted By Our Engineers
  • Lifetime Guarantee

26 Key Service Plan

£ 299
One Off
  • Full Hot Tub Service - In 12 Months
  • Full Internal Inspection
  • Full System Flush
  • Chemical Treatment
  • UV Protection
  • Filter & Shell Clean
  • Our 26 Key Service

Full Maintenance

£ 419
One Off
  • 12 Month Maintenance Plan
  • All parts listed, labour and call out charges covered
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Chemical Treatment
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Full Hot Tub Service - In 12 Months
  • Our 26 Key Service

Winter Shut Down

£ 179 One Off
  • Remove & Chemically Treat Filters
  • Full Drain Down & Wet Vac
  • Open Unions, Drain Pumps & Pipework
  • Remove & Clean Headrests
  • Clean Jet Internals
  • Clean Cabinet & Panels


Don’t hesitate to give our team a call and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and help
advise which Hot Tub or Swim Spa would best fit your needs and budget.

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Includes Free R32 Low Temp Heat Pump 5KW

Valued at £1,995

Our heat pump can save you money and keep your hot tub running all year. It’s efficient and perfect for regular use. It’s also quiet and can operate well in temperatures between -7°C and 43°C. Consider it an investment that helps you save on energy costs while maintaining your hot tub’s temperature.

– Offer only available with Thermal and Platinum Ranges –

Hot Tub Cover Lifter (Recommended)

With the use of our Cover Lifter, one person can easily remove our thermo cover with ease

Hot Tub Steps (Recommended)

Perfect for easy access to your hot tub. (Style may vary depending on hot tub range)

Hot Tub Hand Rail

Enter or exit your hot tub without much effort or cost.

Additional Filter

Replacement for hot tub filters

Adjustable Towel bar

Perfect for having your towel ready when leaving the hot tub.