Swim Spa Guide: Choosing the Best Swim Spa For You

Have you ever thought about investing in your own swim spa, and are looking for the best swim spa for you? Swim spas are absolutely perfect for those of us looking for a balance between the benefits of a hot tub, and the joy of being able to swim in your own pool at home. It’s safe to say that we offer a wide variety of different swim spa brands and products! We have created this guide to swim spas to help you decide which is best for you and your family.

Roman Spas are here to make your swim spa buying experience that little bit easier. With so many great choices out there, you can be sure that any spa you buy from us is premium quality, built to last, arrives with the help of our professional installation team, and will be sure to give you years of leisure and relaxation.

In this swim spa buyers guide, we’ll take a look at what you need to know when shopping for the ideal spa for your home.

Things to Look for in the Perfect Swim Spa

At Roman Spas, we offer a range of fantastic spa utilities that will slide neatly into your home and will offer you instant warmth and leisure whenever you need them. Trident, Poseidon and Olympus are our flagship swim spa models – but if you look closely at each product, you’ll find they all have different features to suit every swim spas user.

Before you go ahead with your swim spa purchase, here are a few points you should always consider.

Sizing and Installation

Size matters when it comes to a great swim spa. Of course, you won’t be investing in an Olympic sized pool, but you still need space in your home or garden to actively install the unit. Don’t worry, as our team will be sure to help you out with this side of things – we’re well known for our helpful advice so do not hesitate to get in contact for a chat.

Do you want a pool that’s ideal for a couple? What about a family swim spa? The Trident spa in our range, for example, is perfect for four people.

Installation matters, too. Do you want to set your swim spa slightly above ground, or halfway into the floor? Some people prefer sunken pools, others don’t. Take a look at our available spas and you’ll find there are options to appeal to all preferences.

Massage Jets

Much like premium hot tubs, the best swim spas have lots of jets which produce warm, massaging bubbles. Crucially, a swim spa is that midpoint between a swimming pool and a hot tub – and the more jets you invest in, the more comprehensive the massage!

Spas such as our Olympus and Trident models offer 38 jets that are spread evenly throughout the main pool, meaning you can expect soothing jets across the length and breadth. Our Poseidon spa, meanwhile, offers a spectacular 81 jets – and two separate zones!

Accessibility and Comfort

Of course, spas these days are less about being simple tubs, and often arrive with seating areas and access points to help make your experience that little bit more pleasurable. The Olympus swim spa in our catalogue, for example, allows you to seat up to four people – if you fancy taking a seat out of the spa for a little while, you can.

As mentioned, the Poseidon spa offers you two separate zones to relax and swim in, meaning that you can choose to simmer down in the smaller tub if you prefer.

Heating and Pumps

Heating and insulation are two major facets of a great hot tub, and the same really does apply to swim spas. Therefore, always check the power rating of internal heaters before you buy. If you’re not sure what to look for, our spas generally operate on a measure of 3kw, with the Poseidon offering two heaters for both zones. 3kw provides more than enough warmth to help soothe and ease you into the swim spa experience.

It’s also worth looking into available pumps, as well as setup and potential maintenance. Of course, to keep your spa performing at its best, you’re going to need to maintain the pumps over time – we’re always here to help!

Picking Your Perfect Spa

The best swim spa for you doesn’t have to be the biggest or even the one with the most jets or lights. We’ve brought together a fantastic range of swim spa products we are confident will change the way you relax and exercise in your own home.



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