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Using a Swim Spa for Exercise – What Are the Benefits?

If you have spent any time looking at our comprehensive range of hot tubs here at Roman Spas, a particular spa model might have caught your eye. We’re talking about the sensational swim spa!

Many people use a swim spa for exercise, for leisure, and simply for recreating the experience of a local swimming pool at home. What are some of the wider swim spa benefits? How do they work, and how can you use them to improve your own fitness and wellbeing?

Here’s a quick guide on everything you can expect from a swim spa at home.

What is a Swim Spa?

A swim spa is more than just a hot tub – it’s your own home aquatic gym. Swim spas are designed and built to emulate the resistance of water, meaning you’ll be able to work out in more than just a flat pool of H2O.

Swim spas arrive with all kinds of features. Water jets help to create a current to make things that little bit more engaging – you can warm up your muscles, swim lengths, and try your hand at aqua-aerobics. The choice is yours!

How Can I Use a Swim Spa?

If you’re keen to try a swim spa for exercise, you’ll want to know about the different routines you can try in your own home spa. Even the simplest of hydrotherapy swim spa will give you freedom and flexibility in your exercise routine.

Swim spas are wonderful for lap training. Just as you’d expect to swim a lap or two in your local pool, your own swim spa will give you that little bit of added resistance so you’re always pushing yourself!

You can use a swim spa to undertake resistance training. Did you know that you can enhance barbell training in the water? Give yourself some added pull with water barbells and dumbbells in your spa.

Another great exercise to try in your swim spa is the bicycle pose. Simply align yourself with your back to the spa wall and kick your legs up so that they just pop out of the water – in a similar motion to riding a bicycle; it’s a great leg workout.

Try a spot of aqua jogging in your swim spa. As the name suggests, this is a great opportunity for you to rack up your step count in the comfort of your spa. The added resistance means you’ll have to get your knees up, but that’s lots of extra calories to burn!

The range of exercises you can perform in a swim spa is only limited to safety considerations, and your exercise objectives. Try core exercises in your swim spa, trunk rotation and even rowing – it’s your own personal aquatic gym!

Swim Spa Benefits

As you can imagine there are all kinds of benefits to investing in a swim spa. For one, it’s an easily accessible asset to your daily exercise. Daily swim spa exercise routines are easy to get into without the need for any other equipment – unless you want it!

Swim spas provide the space you need to really get the blood pumping. That means you’ll be able to build muscle tone and improve your heart health. If you’ve been meaning to get back to the gym or local pool for a while, a swim spa will more than meet your needs.

Swim spas are also great fun. You don’t have to use them purely for exercise routines – the whole family can hop in the spa and experience their own home pool, at a fraction of the cost you’d expect.

Swim spas are also superb assets to those recovering from injuries or operations. Many athletes use swim spas to help safely regain their strength and composure. With a little guidance and advice, you could be taking full advantage too.

Best of all, you can use a swim spa much like a hot tub – to soothe away those aches and pains after a long day.

Reach Out for Advice!

Our friendly experts here at Roman Spas know all the benefits of a superb hydrotherapy swim spa. Whether you want to invest in a swim spa for exercise, for leisure, or to simply unwind after a long day, we’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect fit.

Come along and see our swim spas in person at our new Chesterfield showroom. Before you buy, be sure to make a personal appointment with our team to see our sensational swim spa models up close and personal. The Roman Spas team will be on hand to help you find your ideal swim spa model.

Book a showroom tour with us now – online or via phone – and do reach out to us if you have any swim spa questions or queries.



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