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Your Guide to Hot Tub Maintenance and Care

Are you the proud owner of a brand new hot tub? Naturally, you are going to want to keep your hot tub working efficiently and looking great for years to come. Regular hot tub maintenance means you need to give your spa a little TLC every now and again. You’ll be pleased to know that caring for a hot tub is easy.

But where do you start when it comes to caring for a hot tub? As leading providers of luxurious hot tubs and spas, Roman is here to provide you with a guide to hot tub care.

The Bottom Line: Your Tub Needs Sanitising

Your hot tub is going to need regular cleaning schedules. To make sure you keep any dangerous bacteria out of the water you must sanitise your hot tub system. Warm water is a hotbed for bacteria to thrive so you’re going to need to take special care.

There are several methods to sanitise your hot tub. This element of hot tub maintenance is less of a headache than you might imagine. Chlorine granules tend to be the most effective long-term hot tub sanitiser, and they are one of the most cost-effective. You can easily purchase standard chlorine tablets or granules to dissolve in the warm hot tub water. With tablets, you will need to use a floating tablet dispenser.

pH is Important in Hot Tub Maintenance and Care

If you can remember school science lessons, you may be familiar pH scales. This is where you’ll need to measure the acidity or alkalinity of your tub water. If your pH level is too low or too high, you risk skin irritation. High pH levels will cause your sanitiser to stop working properly.

It is important to monitor and adjust the pH level of your hot tub water to maintain a healthy balance. To check the levels, just dip in a litmus strip to test.

Cleaning Your Filters

Hot tub filter cleaning is crucial. Without regular filter cleaning you’re going to cause problems for the overall running of your system. You should use a professional cleaner which contains specialist degreasers and cleaning compounds that won’t damage your hot tub filter.

Make sure your cartridges and filters are clear of debris at least every two weeks. Hot tub filter cleaning is one of the first actions to try if you experience an issue with your hot tub – clogged filters are one of the most common issues but simple to rectify.

You should change your water at least every few months. Hot tubs seeing regular use should have water changes more regularly. We recommend keeping to a schedule, calculated using the instructions provided with your specific hot tub. If you are unsure, Roman Spas are here to help.

Robust Construction

Hot tubs and swim spas available from Roman Spas are built to last, with a tough shell designed for regular use. You are guaranteed exceptional quality with all our tubs. On the rare occasion you might encounter an unexpected issue, we provide a warranty on all our hot tubs and spas. Our network of engineers are on hand to rectify any electrical or operational issues.

You can take advantage of our spectacular aftercare service – if you do run into any problems with your Roman Spa you can always get in touch with our team for specialist advice. Roman Spas make hot tub maintenance a breeze for you – that means more time enjoying your hot tub!

You can purchase hot tub maintenance accessories such as tablet dispensers and filter systems directly from Roman Spas.

Hot Tub Running Costs

One side to hot tub care you should consider is how much it costs to keep a hot tub running. You will also need to factor in the cost of filter cleaner and sanitiser tablets.

Hot tub running costs will vary from model to model and depend on how much it is used. You may also want to make sure you’re on the lowest tariff with your electricity provider – always worth checking! Calculations for an average hot tub estimate you will spend around £1.20 per day to run a hot tub.

For help and advice on hot tub maintenance, get in touch with the team at Roman Spas – we’re always happy to help with any questions on caring for a hot tub.



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