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Can You Use a Hot Tub in Winter?

Winter is on its way and for millions of us, that means getting our homes nice and cosy over Christmas and the new year. But what if you’ve got a hot tub in your garden? Can you safely use a hot tub in winter?

The great news is, yes! You can use a hot tub in winter and all year round. If you’re just getting started with a hot tub or home spa, it’s reasonable to wonder if using a hot tub in cold weather is a good idea. In fact, using a hot tub in winter is the perfect time to enjoy the warming sensation of all those relaxing bubbles!

There are a few things you need to do when preparing your hot tub for winter use. Rest assured, you can easily take a dip during the cold winter months and soak all those stresses away!

Preparing hot tub for winter

If you want to host a festive party or two in your lovely bubbling spa, we think it’s a great idea! However, there are a few things you will need to do to keep your hot tub running as you’d expect in the cold weather.

Make sure to run your hot tub pump in winter on standard mode to ensure that the inner workings don’t freeze up. The best hot tubs for home use generally have a setting whereby they don’t allow the water temperature to drop below a certain point. This does mean keeping it running, however, it’ll mean you don’t have to replace any parts due to ice and frost damaging hot tub components.

You should, of course, also keep a lid on your hot tub! You should always make sure to cover your spa completely with the supplied casing or top if you want to use your hot tub in winter. Again, this helps to lock in the heat, prevent freezing and debris contaminating the water.

Above all, stick to your maintenance schedule as if it’s spring or summer. That means cleaning out the tub, draining it and topping up chemicals as recommended for your specific model.

Preparing a hot tub for winter if you won’t be using it

If you’re not likely to use your hot tub during winter for any reason – you may be going on holiday or may have extreme weather coming your way – there are precautions you can take to safely tuck away your hot tub in cold weather.

As such, make sure you turn off and unplug your spa completely. You’ll need to empty and drain the hot tub and clean out your filters, as recommended with your model’s instructions. Open the drain plugs and make sure the water drains out. Also be sure to drain the jets. There should be no water left in your hot tub over the cold period as it’s at risk of freezing.

Clean out the hot tub as you normally would and cover it up. When you want to fill it up again and use it anew in the spring, you can. Follow this hot tub winter shutdown plan and you will be glad you did.

Why use your hot tub in winter?

If you are in a position to enjoy a hot tub in cold weather, give it a try! Warming, soothing spas can really help to heat you up during the winter months. You’ll find it’s also great for social occasions too. You could host a Christmas or New Year party from the comfort of your tub or, you could create a romantic setting for Valentine’s Day.

What’s more, by using your hot tub in the winter, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the health benefits massage jets supply. At this time of year, you’re likely going to need all the help you can get with aches and pains! Therefore, don’t necessarily be so quick to seal up your tub. You never know, you might grow to love a winter spa evening or two!

Use your hot tub all year round

At Roman Spas, we’re thrilled to confirm that you can use our hot tubs all year round. Don’t let the season dictate what you can and can’t do with your tub! Providing you look after it with a comprehensive maintenance schedule, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a festive soak with friends, loved ones, or just take some time out for yourself.

If the Christmas shopping is leaving you aching, or if you need to recover from New Year’s Eve, you can use a hot tub in the winter to ease the stress.



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